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Critical Understanding of ICT | BEd Free Study Material


Critical Understanding of ICT | BEd Free Study Material | Download BEd Books 



Unit- I: Information and Communication Technology:
♦ Educational Technology
– Concept
– Growth
– Objectives
– Characteristics
– Advantages
– Challenges
– Impact

♦ Infonnation Technology

♦ Knowledge Explosion
– Knowledge Preservation and Retrieval

♦ Communication
– Concept
– Elements
– Process
– Barriers
– Types
– Teaching as Communication
– Communication Technology in Education

♦ Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
– Concept and Importance
– Scope
– Characteristics
– Aims and objectives of National Policy on ICT in Sdiool Education m India

Unit – II: ICT in Education:
♦ Knowledge acquisition and ft lulti-sensory approach

♦ Classroom Communication and Communicative skills for Teachers and Students

♦ Individualized Instruction: Concept. Need. Principles and Techniques:

♦ Programmed Learning: Principles. Types. Modes of Presentation Development.
♦ Application and Role of Teacher:

♦ Changing roles of the learner and the teacher in ICT

♦ Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning

Unit – III: Computer Fundamentals and Applications:
♦ Introduction to Computer

♦ Hardware, Software, Memory

♦ MS Word

♦ MS Power Point

♦ MS Excel

Unit – IV:Internet and Educational Resources:
♦ Introduction to Internet. E-mail. Search Engines

♦ Info-Savyy Skills. Digital Age Skills. Safe Surfing

♦ Internet resources for different disciplines like natural sciences, social sciences, Humanities and Mathematics;

♦ E-learning: Mobile-learning. On-line learning. Virtual classroom. Smart Classroom

♦ Wikipedia. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Social networking.

Unit – V: Techno-Pedagogic Skills:
♦ Media Message Compatibility and Contiguity of Message Forms

♦ Message Credibility and Media Fidelity
– Message Credibility
– Media Fidelity

♦ Sender, Message, Medium Receiver Correspondence

♦ National Mission on E due ation thr ough Information and Comniunic ation Technology
– Objectives of NME-ICT
– Components of NME-ICT

♦ Spoken Tutorials. GyanVaniL GyanDaislian, Sakshat and e-GyanKosh
– Spoken Tutorials
– GyanVani
– GyahDarshan
– Sakshat
– e-GyanKosh

♦ Virtual Laboratory and Haptic s Technology
– Virtual Laboratory
– Haptics Technology

Unit – VI: ICT in Teacher Education:
♦ Integrating ICTs in Teacher Training
– UNESCO’s Framework for ICTs in Teacher Education
– ICT Skills as Needs of the Digital Age Teachers
– Barriers in ICT Integration into Teacher Education

♦ ICT Skills Integration into Teacher Education

♦ ICT for Quality Improvement in Teacher Education

♦ ICT for Improvement in Educational Management

♦ ICT for Improvement in Professional Development of Teachers

Unit – VII: ICT Enriched Learning Experiences:
♦ Educational Multimedia: Basic:. Advantages. Functions. Uses and Creation
–  Advantages of Educational Multimedia
– Functions and Uses of Multimedia
– Elements of Multimedia
– Multimedia Development

♦ Educational Software

♦ Creating Web Pages: HTML, Editing Tools, Hyperlink and Images

♦ Creating Blogs

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