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Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Research Associateship (RA) for Foreign Nationals


Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Research Associateship (RA) for Foreign Nationals


The scheme was initiated keeping in view the political and cultural bilateral relations of India with other developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The scheme has opened new vistas for foreign students and teachers, enabling them to come to India and undertake advanced studies and research in sciences, humanities and social sciences in Indian Universities.

The objective of the scheme is to provide an opportunity to foreign students and teachers from developing countries to undertake advanced study and research leading to M.Phil/Ph.D. and postdoctoral research in sciences, humanities and social sciences at Indian Universities.

Target Group: Students and teachers from developing countries of Asia / Africa and Latin America.

For Junior Research Fellowship (JRF): 35 years for male candidates as on 1 July of the year of application and 40 years for female candidates. The candidates must have at least a high-class master’s degree with a second-class bachelor’s degree, or second-class master’s degree with a first-class bachelor’s degree.

For Research Associateship (RA): In case of male applicants the age should be 40 years as on 1st July of the year of application, and 45 years in the case of female candidates. The candidates must have a doctorate degree, published research work to their credit and evidence of independent research work.

The applications are invited through circulation to Indian embassies/Indian missions abroad. They will receive applications from eligible candidates and after due screening locally, will send them to the UGC for consideration. Foreign students from Asia, Africa and Latin America studying in India who have completed their master’s degrees or doctoral degrees and desire to
pursue research may send their applications through the university they propose to work with. The application will have to be endorsed by their respective embassies for consideration by the Commission.

The applications received are placed before a short listing/screening committee constituted for this purpose. The short listed proposals are placed before the selection committee to finalize the proposals for the award of JRF and RA. The decision of the Commission is final and binding. The UGC conveys the provisional intimation of selection to the candidate. However, this intimation does not bestow the award to the candidate. The formal award letter will be issued only on receipt of political clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The Commission also reserves the right to withdraw/cancel the award without assigning any reason.

The number of slots available under the scheme are:
• Junior Research Fellowship (JRF ): 20
• Research Associateship (RA): 7

The tenure of these awards is:
• In case of JRF, four years (Non-extendable)
• In case of RA, four years (Non-extendable)

It is expected that the concerned departments will monitor the progress of the Fellow continuously. The Fellow should not accept or hold any other position, paid or otherwise, or receive emoluments, salary, stipend etc. from any other source during the tenure of the award.

The fellowship may be terminated at any time during the tenure and the decision of the Commission shall be final and binding. The tenure of the fellowship is for four years from the date of joining, subject to satisfactory progress report of the fellow or submission of Ph.D. thesis, whichever is earlier. However, no extension is permissible beyond the total tenure of four years and the awardee ceases to be a UGC JRF/RA immediately after expiry of the tenure. Any claim/reference to this effect will be illegal and the individual may have to face disciplinary action for such an act.

The Financial assistance available under the scheme is as follows:
Fellowship:  @ Rs. 12,000/-p.m. for initial period of two years
@ Rs. 14,000/-p.m. for remaining period subject to the recommendation for enhancement / extension by a three member committee and the Commission’s approval forSciences for initial two years (Annexure-VII)

Contingency: @ Rs.12,000/-p.a. for Science
@ Rs.10,000/-p.a. for Humanities and Social Sciences
@ Rs.25,000/-p.a. for remaining period for Sciences
@ Rs.20,500/-p.a. for remaining period for Humanities

Department: @ Rs. 3,000/-p.a. — per JRF Assistance

Escort/Handicapped Allowance: @ Rs. 2,000/-p.a. — per JRF

HRA: as per rule of the concerned institution

Fellowship: @ Rs. 16,000/-p.m. (Fixed) for 4 years

Contingency: @ Rs. 30,000/-p.a.

Departmental: @ 10% of Associateship to the host institution for providing Assistant infrastructural facilities.

HRA: as per rule of the concerned institution

HRA: Suitable single-seated hostel accommodation in the institutions may be provided to the JRF, failing which HRA as per rules of the university/institution will be paid to the Fellow subject to the submission of the HRA certificate through Registrar/Principal . JRF/RA provided with accommodation in hostel recognized/maintained by the institutions may be reimbursed the hostel fee, excluding mess, electricity, water charges, etc. A certificate to this effect is to be furnished through the Registrar/Principal (Annexure I). If JRF/RA makes his/her own arrangements of accommodation, he/she may be entitled to draw HRA as per categorization of cities by the Government of India. The Fellow will submit a certificate for this purpose to UGC for claiming HRA through the concerned university/institution/college.

Medical: No separate/fixed medical assistance is provided. However, the JRF/RA may avail of the medical facilities available in the institutions/university.

Leave: Leave for a maximum period of 30 days in a year in addition to public holidays may be taken by a fellow with the approval of the supervisor. However, they are not entitled to any other vacations, for example, summer, winter and pooja vacations. Women awardees are eligible for maternity leave at full rates of the fellowships for 135 days as per Government of India rules once during the tenure of their award.

The awardee may in special cases may be allowed by the Commission leave without fellowship / associateship and contingency for a period not exceeding three months during the tenure of award on the recommendation of the supervisor / Head of department of the institution concerned. The period of leave without fellowship/associateship will be counted towards the tenure.

On receipt of Joining Report (Annexure II) of the candidate together with required documents, the UGC office release the first installment of the admissible grant to the concerned university/institution. Thereafter, the grant is released on receipt of the Utilisation Certificate and Statement of Expenditure for the last paid grant (Annexure-III, IV and V). On completion of the award, an audited utilization certificate is to be submitted by the university/institution the awardee has worked with. The UGC office may hold an amount of Rs. 5,000/- of the last installment and the same will be reimbursed on receipt of all required documents for setting and finalizing accounts.

The progress of the awardee is monitored by the concerned supervisor and head of department. The awardee is required to submit a six-monthly progress report of the work by the end of the month of June and December duly signed by the supervisor, head of department and registrar (Annexure VI).

In case of JRF, after completion of initial period of two years, the candidate may apply to the department/university for enhancement of the fellowship to the SRF level. The work done by the fellow will be assessed by a three-member committee consisting of a supervisor, head of the department and an external expert in the related field. The recommendations/comments of the committee duly signed by the head/registrar of the institution are to be forwarded to this office for consideration.

In case of RA, the award is fixed for a period of four years and is non-extendable. The awardee is to submit six-monthly progress reports ending in the month of June and December duly signed by the supervisor, head of department and registrar.

In both the schemes, the awardee ceases to be a UGC JRF / RA immediately after expiry of the due date. Any claim / reference to this effect will be illegal and the individual may have to face disciplinary action for such an act.

The fellowship is liable to cancellation in case of :
• Misconduct
• Unsatisfactory progress of research work
• Failure in any of the examinations related to M.Phil / Ph.D.
• Candidate found ineligible later.

If the JRF/RA is discontinued before the period of two years, the entire amount of the fellowship will be refunded to the UGC.

Desiring and deserving candidates are suggested to check the official information and website for more details:

Official information: Click here 

Official website: